The heat is on!

25 October 2023

It’s that time again - to dig out our winter jackets and think of those less fortunate than ourselves. At Elicio, we'll be doing everything we can over the next few weeks to organise activities to raise as much money as possible for "De Warmste Week".

"The Warmest Week" is a solidarity campaign organised annually by VRT (the Belgian broadcaster) during the week before Christmas. This year, the "Hottest" Week will be held in Bruges from 18 to 24 December with the theme: "Growing up without worries".

The Elicio staff will be running a variety offund-raising activities until mid-December, including baking cookies and truffles, smoked salmon, a Christmas quiz, (the hottest!) waffle bakery, Christmas lights, box-initiation fights and movie nights. Anything! You name it, we organise it!

Are you committed to providing a safe place for every child and young person? Let a warm wind blow this autumn - because everyone deserves to grow up worry-free!