Elicio Becomes Main Sponsor of the Belgian National Ultimate Frisbee Team!

27 June 2024

Pictures (c) Jordyn Harris, Oliver Hülshorst, John Kofi


The “open” team is made up of 26 players, including up to 3 or 4 staff members. All players are amateur, bearing all the costs of taking part themselves. While all players demonstrate the same level of commitment as semi-professional athletes in other sports such as football (soccer) or field hockey… they do not earn anything out of it. In Ultimate, there isn’t such thing as «prize money» at the end of a tournament. Only the joy of playing… and the thrill of winning!

Elicio's Contribution

The partnership proposal perfectly aligns with our ethos as a sporty company, encouraging fair-play in sports, in doing business, and in life. Elicio is very happy and proud that - thanks to our contribution - the team could sign up for the tournament and have a chance to become a World Champions. Our sponsorship helps with travel costs and other essentials, allowing the players to focus entirely on their performance. 

We wish The Belgium Open National Team the best of luck in Australia and eagerly look forward to their achievements. Together, let's hope for more unforgettable moments and victories!



What is Ultimate?

“Ultimate” or “Ultimate Frisbee” is a non-contact team field sport played with a flying disc. The goal of the game is scoring more points than the opponent. A team can score points by catching the disc in the opposing end zone.

Under fair weather conditions the game can be fluid and beautiful. Rain & wind can make for a more testing match with rapid turnovers, heightening the pressure of play.

Aim of the Game

During a game, the aim of the team in offense is to keep the disc in your team and pass it up to the opponent’s end zone, while the defensive team tries to prevent this from happening, either by intercepting the disc or by forcing a turnover by putting pressure on thrower and/or catcher causing the pass to be incomplete. In case of a turnover, the defensive team becomes offense and they will try to score in the other endzone.


  • A unique combination, available for all!
  • Ultimate is simple to learn, fun to play and easy to afford – all you need is a disc, some cones to mark the field and a group of friends. It is played in over 100 countries world-wide and is really booming.
  • Ultimate can be played everywhere: indoor, outdoor or on the beach.
  • Ultimate is a non-contact sport. Players should, when possible, try to prevent all physical contact.
  • Ultimate is self-refereed, meaning players can call fouls and violations themselves. The sport relies on the players to maintain fair play.
  • Competitions often have a co-ed division, where men and women play together.


Spirit of the Game

Ultimate relies upon the ‘Spirit of the Game’, placing the responsibility for fair play with the players instead of with a referee. Players on the field make their own calls when they think a violation occurrs. When there is a disagreement regarding an incident, the disc returns to the last player who had the disc before the discussed situation occured. The ‘Spirit of the Game’ award, awarded to the team who showed the most spirit is a highly coveted award at tournaments.