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  • 15 Jun 2021
    Global Wind Day

    Celebrating the power of wind...together!

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  • 4 Jun 2021
    Educational days at our wind farms

    How does a turbine work, and why is wind energy an indispensable renewable source in today's energy mix? Ask the pupils of Saint Joseph and the Boucé School.

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  • 25 Mar 2021
    Construction of windfarm Balen

    Beginning of April, Elicio will start constructing a new wind farm in Balen, consisting of 2 Enercon turbines of each 2,35 MW.

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  • 26 Feb 2021
    Empowering the school community of Alibunar

    Based on the framework agreement with the Alibunar Municipality, the primary school in Banatski Karlovac was selected for the donation. 

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