Wind energy brings joy to kids also!

5 January 2022

Alibunar is one of Serbia’s first regions where wind parks have been installed. Not only do wind farms provide green energy, they often also pave the way to launch other projects in the area that are beneficial to both local government and inhabitants. 

Based on the framework of the donation agreement signed by Elicio and Alibunar’s council, every year Elicio donates 2% of the net profits of the previous year. This money is intended to be used to improve healthcare provisions, or to go towards initiatives in education, science, the environment… The council can submit new project proposals, which then, in consensus with Elicio, the final selection will be made. To Elicio, as a developer and producer of renewable energy, the main focus lies with projects oriented towards the local kids and the surroundings in which they grow up. 


After a new heating system in a primary school, this year, thanks to Elicio’s donation, a new, fully furbished playground was completed: “The council’s idea to donate the money to build a new playground fits perfectly with our vision of a better future. By producing renewable energy, we contribute to a greener world for our kids. They are our future! We hope the children of Alibunar are thrilled with this new play area, where they can run around carefree and enjoy the outdoors.” Christophe Bols, manager Elicio Serbia.