Top 3 sportiest companies in Flanders

8 May 2023

If you ask top athletes what they hate the most, many will say they hate losing! We don't like it neither, because... we all play to win, don’t we? But sometimes, isn't the win more in what you learned by participating, how you deal with the loss and then move on more motivated than ever? We like to think so!

Last Monday, the very first Sportbedrijf Awards were presented in the studios of Kanaal Z. It was a fun, inspiring evening with 15 nominated companies in five different categories, a team of experts and, of course, Minister for Sport Ben Weyts couldn't miss it.

There were numerous strong and well-founded submissions. The differences were paper thin, so it came down to the fine details. Elicio was there as 1 of the 3 nominees in the 50-250 employee category. In the introduction, while we received an honourable mention as a company with the most playful and creative initiatives (thanks to our office dogs Gust, Suki, Olli & co.) we were pipped at the post for the overall award. However, we did go home as the ‘second sportiest company in Flanders’, with a backpack full of new inspiration, and confirmation that we can be proud of our sports policy, and of course, our sporty staff! 
" A cheerful employee in running shorts who spontaneously picks you up from your desk and motivates you to go jogging, that is so rewarding and it’s what we really do it for", Hannelore Dejonghe, Communication Manager & Fit@Elicio Ambassador.
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