Empowering the school community of Alibunar

26 February 2021

Based on the Framework agreement with the Alibunar Municipality, the primary school in Banatski Karlovac was selected for the donation. A new, better performing, heating installation was installed. The school, community and children were very happy to start the new semester in a comfortable learning environment.  

"The municipality's proposal to donate the money to a new heating installation for the school is perfectly in line with Elicio's sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy. We're very happy that the children could start the second semester in a warm classroom". Christophe Bols, Manager Elicio Serbia.  

Every year, Elicio will donate two percent of its profits from the Alibunar wind farm to projects that benefit the community. "We thank the municipality for recognising the school's problem and hence making the learning environment better for their youngest. The principal is also very satisfied with the new installation and optimal temperatures. An ideal learning environment for the children!"  said Christophe Bols.