350 children visiting the wind farm in Bassenge

7 October 2022

Operational since April 2022, the wind farm has 9 wind turbines, producing green energy for 16,000 households a year. 23.6 MW of 100% Belgian energy to be proud of!

Because it is our mission to build a sustainable society and we’re racing against the energy crisis every day, we invited the primary school students of the 5th and 6th grade of the area to come and visit the wind farm. After all, what is more important than empowering young people with renewable and wind energy knowledge at times like these? 

The 2.3km walk led the students from Riemst and Bassenge alongside 3 of the 9 wind turbines. Along the way, they could find lots of information about renewable energy and wind energy, which they then had to fill in a booklet. The more students paid close attention during their trip, the bigger the chance to win a prize for their class. 

But it can’t be hard work all the time, and after absorbing a lot of new learning, it was time for some entertainment. For our young people, we set the bar high, but we were delighted to see that the 350 kids that visited the wind farm last week are ready and able to make the switch. They’re enthusiastically jumping into the energy transition. Let’s work together towards a greener, cleaner future!

The winner will be announced soon and can expect a great surprise at school! Thank you to all participating schools, you were a wonderfully enthusiastic audience!