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About Electrawinds

About Elicio


Elicio NV is a Belgian renewable energy producer operating internationally.


As energy producer, we generate our power mainly from wind and biomass. High technological installations constructed in a spirit of good neighbourliness are used to do so.

Elicio NV wants to make a more than positive contribution towards a better living environment in this way.


Elicio NV actively operates in all aspects of renewable energy: by successfully developing its own projects, engineering these in-house, personally bringing the construction to fruition and, finally, also personally running the projects for 20 years.


Being a young company, Elicio NV focuses on projects which contribute to a more sustainable world within a framework of corporate social responsibility while still maintaining a long-term vision for its shareholders.

Key messages

  • Mission
    Elicio generates electricity based on renewable energy sources and aims to contribute positively towards society and stakeholders.
  • Stable partner
    Elicio is part of a strong industrial group, with a diversified activity base. Elicio benefits from having a stable shareholder structure with a long term strategy.
  • Know-how
    Elicio has a track record in successfully developing, engineering, constructing and operating projects.
  • Potential
    Elicio will focus on projects that secure sustainable profitable growth. Elicio is in for the long run with the ambition to consolidate its position as a major renewables player.




Elicio N.V. is a leading developer, asset owner and operator of independent power generation facilities.


We are committed to integrating health, safety, social and environmental (HSSE) considerations into all our business operations, and those we develop jointly with our partners, in order to be a responsible employer and business leader.


In order to comply with our legal responsibilities and to support environmentally sound and sustainable development Elicio will:

  • Provide and maintain safe, healthy and environmentally responsible working conditions, which take into account social needs and requirements;
  • Implement a risk-based Health, Safety & Social, Environmental (HSSE) management system that conforms to international practices and standards;
  • Provide HSSE training to our employees HSSE leadership to our partners;
  • Regularly engage with our employees and partners on HSSE issues;
  • Adopt a preventive approach in our business activities by undertaking risk assessments, complying with legislation, using resources prudently and minimizing pollution;
  • Set standards to promote and assure the best HSSE performance of our subsidiaries, supply chain and project companies;

  • Regularly monitor and report on HSSE management and performance;

  • Annually review our HSSE policy statement and set performance and management targets.

All Elicio employees are responsible for adhering to and implement this policy statement. Our managers are accountable for monitoring and managing compliance and performance.


This policy statement is applicable to all our employees, offices and business activities.



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