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Elicio bouwt windturbinepark in Bréhan, Frankrijk

Elicio wind farm construction in Bréhan, France


Elicio started constructing a new wind farm in Bréhan in the region of Brittany in France at the beginning of December. The project consists of four turbines that are being constructed to the north of the village Bréhan in the centre of Brittany.


The wind farm in Bréhan, called Parc éolien de Folleville, consists of Senvion MM92-type turbines, each of which has an installed capacity of 2.05 MW. The towers are 100m tall and the diameter of the rotors is 92m. Once it is fully operational, the wind farm will generate green energy for the annual consumption of over 7,000 families. Compared to traditional fossil energy generated, annual CO2 savings will amount to over 16,000 tonnes.

The new wind farm in Bréhan is expected to be operational during the summer of 2015.


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